Must try foods in St Petersburg

Although we’re foodies and love sampling different cuisines, this was our first time trying Russian food and what a better place to than Russia itself.  Most of the food we tasted was simple, yet hearty and wholesome and the restaurants were reasonably priced. We were also told that Georgian restaurants are especially good in St Petersburg, so whilst technically not “Russian” anymore, it was one of our favourite meals and so I’ve added it to the list below.


Grilled dumplings which can be with or without meat and are served with a side of sour cream. We usually shared a plate of these as a starter. Although delicious, to us, they didn’t taste too different to say Chinese dumplings.


Small baked dumplings wrapped in sourdough, which can be sweet or savoury, similar to a pie. These were readily available in most bakeries and made great snacks in between meals.


Hearty beetroot soup, which can be served hot or cold. We preferred the hot option, mainly because it was a cold evening.

Herring under a fur coat

Salad made with pickled herring and layered with grated potato (or other vegetables), beetroot, egg and mayonnaise. We were reluctant to try this as we aren’t huge fans of pickled herring, but we were surprised as to how delicious it actually was.


A delicacy which is extracted from Sturgeon and readily available in many restaurants in St Petersburg. There are many varieties (Beluga Caviar being the most expensive); we opted for the Pike roe, which we’d never tried before.

Beef Stroganoff

Although this is common on many Western restaurant menus, it’s still worth a try in St Petersburg.

Georgian food

We’d never tried Georgian food before, so were intrigued when a friend recommended this cosy little place called, Tone, in St Petersburg. Hearty and wholesome with wonderful flavours, this place is well worth the 15 minute cab ride from the main tourist area of Nevsky Prospekt. Most hotel concierges will recommend restaurants that centrally located, but most likely touristy, so we were glad that we managed to try some authentic Georgian food.

Chashushuli – tender lamb stew


Lemonade made out of old bread which tasted a lot better than it sounded! This can be served sweet or sour. The gents typically prefer the sour, while the ladies, the sweet.

Kvass – right is sweet, left is sour

Honey cake

Russian cake, which is common after a meal. Although it looked dry, it was moist and fluffy.


No trip to Russia is complete without trying some Russian Standard vodka!

Vodka aperitif served with some cold starters

Have you sampled any of these traditional dishes?  We’d love to hear what your favourites are and if we missed anything!

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